Choosing the right framework

Brian Olsen brian0891 at
Thu Jul 17 06:02:10 CEST 2003

> I am to start on a new web project in the beginning of next week, and I
> would like to use this opportunity to make the switch from PHP to Python.
> Which is why I ask and don't just spend 2+ more weeks to dig further into
> the above mentioned frameworks before making the decision.
> - Carsten

I think the best suggestion is to understand your needs and
requirements and balance them with your style of development. Then
pick a few frameworks that represent that choice and try try try. You
shouldn't expect yourself themselves to try them all, though. I just
say to go to the tools that best interest you.

Each solution offers a different way of doing web development. One
might not suit your style and needs as well as the other; when you
find the right one, I am sure that you will find the tool robust
enough to handle the tasks you need to accomplish.

Many tools are production-quality. The few that I think of that are,

* Webware (based on a servlet model)
* Quixote (a more programmer's based framework)
* Albatross (module based ... I'm not sure quite.)
* SkunkWeb (based on a page-model, sort of like PHP)

I probably left out some, so this is in no ways exhaustive. But the
choice in tool in terms of quality and the like should not bother you,
because many of the m are of high-quality.

I am not going to suggest what I personally like because I do not want
to influence your opinion. But if you do have any questions, ask away
on the mailing lists of the respective frameworks - I expect everyone
on these lists to be generally friendly and knowledgeable.


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