Only One Tkinter Entry can receive key event event in Linux RH8.0

wang xiaoyu wxyisok at
Wed Jun 25 06:44:15 CEST 2003

  my program runs well in windows,i use tkSimpleDialog to receive some
input,but when i copy my program into Linux RH8.0,entrys in my
tkSimpleDialog derived Dialog have a vital problem:only one entry can
receive key event,'tab' key to navigate between entrys is not valid
too,when i use mouse to focus a entry(which can not navigate through
'tag' key),no matter what key i pressed the entry receive no reply.But
in window they are all works well.
  even the simplest python program like follow have the seem manner.
from Tkinter import *
  in above program only the second entry can receive key event.(but
when i type program in Python environment it works well)
  I must say there is no fault the first time i run above program
after i install ActivePython2.2 in my Linux.Both entry can receive key
event.but after i do the following operations the problem occur.
  1.install Pmw,i copy Pmw source code from windows
python/lib/site-pages/Pmw directory
  2.install Pil,copy windows source too
  3.change's encoding to 'u8' in order to support chinese
text. my program and the problem occur
  5.change's encoding back to 'ascii' the problem remain
  6.rpm -e ActivePython then delete All Pmw and Pil source code
,reinstall ActivePython ,nothing changed
  i must say i am a newhand in both python and linux,mybe there is
fault in my operations.Maybe i install some packages in a wrong way.
  I think in linux,many people use ActivePython,Pmw,Pil and Tkinter,so
i hope someone may have faced the same problem and can give me some

Best Regard

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