using urllib or httplib to post with ENCTYPE=mulitpart/form-data

Kevin Carlson khcarlso at
Thu Jun 5 16:21:02 CEST 2003

Ng Pheng Siong wrote:

>According to Kevin Carlson  <khcarlso at>:
>>I actually only need to send a couple of text inputs to the form, but no 
>>matter what, the host system acts like I input nothing into the form.  I 
>>have tried this:
>Maybe the form has some Javascript that validates the data and invokes a
>secret handshake, like sending extra hidden fields or returning a cookie?

Thanks for help on this one -- I got the first POST working.  It was a 
problem with formatting the multipart/form-data.  Once I got the proper 
format it worked fine.  Interesting you should bring up cookies, though...

The response from the POST returns a cookie that I need to pass along to 
the host on the subsequent request.  I don't see and methods in httplib 
to deal with cookies directly, nor can I find any in the 
source that allow me to extract the cookie from the response.  I'm sure 
I'm missing something.  Any additional pointers?


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