socket programming project

drs drs at
Thu Jun 26 08:02:17 CEST 2003


I have a programming design question.  I would like to do this in Python,
but I am not even sure about what tools are proper or where to start

I am trying to make a small network system where several client computers
connect to a server.  each client can send messages to the server which must
alert all of the clients of the information in the messages.  Further, the
server must be able to alert all connected clients about other occasional
information. The total number of messages is low, however. for now, security
is not an issue if that matters.

I know a way to do this in win32 using dcom, but this seems sloppy, and i
need it to run on freebsd and win32 at a minimum, and pocketPC if at all
possible. I also thought about using ZEO coupled with a Queue class, but I
am not sure about clients reacting to events in this case, or about ZODB/ZEO
on pocketPC.

(The specifics of the project are to make a wifi enabled jukebox out of an
old freebsd computer hooked to my stereo which can be controlled by all of
the other computers in the house. I did a previous version of this using
SimpleHTTPServer, but this seems a dead end for forcing the playlist queue
and such onto clients.)

Any suggestions on how to start would be appreciated.



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