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> If you don't care about the communication internals, (and it seems very
> likely that you don't), try Pyro :
> Pyro makes it VERY easy to build distributed object systems in Python.
> (a basic client and server take no more than 5 to 10 lines of code,
> of which only two or three are Pyro-specific).
> If you know DCOM, you know the basics of distributed object systems,
> and you should feel at home very soon when using Pyro.
> Not forgetting that it is tremendously easier to use than DCOM.. ;-)

This looks really interesting.  In COM, there is the concept of a single use
server where every client shares the same instance. Python does not really
support creating a single use DCOM server, at least not last time I looked
into it. Is this something Pyro can easily do, or will I need to use a db of
some sort to keep track of shared data?


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