TkInter/McMillan installer question.

Aki Niimura akineko at
Wed Jun 4 07:10:04 CEST 2003

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create a MS-Windows executable from my Python Tkinter
script using McMillan Installer script.

It worked very nicely. I was very amazed as I had so many disappointments
with Python/Windows environment.

However, I tried to assign a icon file using --icon file.ico option. It
didn't honor the option.
Using --debug option, I found the following message:
ignoring icon and version resources = platform not capable

I'm creating the exe file under Windows XP Home (with Cygwin).

Did anybody suceed to use --icon option under Windows XP?
If the Installer cannot assign the icon, is there any way to assign
the icon afterward?

Any suggestions, comments are highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Aki Niimura

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