Bug in v1.5.2 Websucker GUI?

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Jun 12 23:43:17 CEST 2003

    Anton> Thanks for pointing me to that page. However I don't like it
    Anton> (understatement deleted).

    Anton> a) "SourceForge will not allow you to submit a new bug report
    Anton>    unless you're logged in. "

    Anton> Then why is Python bugtracking hosted on that site?

This has nothing to do with SourceForge.  It's a policy decision which was
made by those of us who actively work on the Python code base.  You used to
be able to submit bug reports anonymously, but many people submitted
incomplete reports without leaving any contact information.  There was no
way to get back in touch with these people to get the rest of the
information needed to reproduce and/or correct the bug (what version of
Python? what platform? test case? etc.).  The only thing we could do was
hope that someone could reproduce the bug and embellish the report or add a
comment to the report asking for more input and hope that the original
submitter revisited the report on his own later.  Since the posting was
anonymous he'd never be notified by email that a comment had been attached
to his bug report.  If such a bug report languished, after several months of
silence there was no choice but to close the bug.

By requiring you to login to SourceForge, we can get back to you if we need
more information.

    Anton> b) If I want to save the page to my harddisk for future reference
    Anton>    it makes my explorer crash because of some illegal operation.

That sounds like a bug with Internet Explorer.  Try another browser.

    Anton> c) If want to browse the bug reports by date descending, I get an
    Anton>    error "The page cannot be displayed".

That may be a SourceForge bug.  You should submit a bug report to them.
Don't submit it to the Python bug tracker.  We don't fix the SF code.

    Anton> d) There's a trick to still save a page: View the page as
    Anton>    "source", then save it from notepad with ending html. If I do
    Anton>    this and later open the page when I'm offline, I get an error
    Anton>    like: "no access to \\sfads.osdn.com\7.html" .

It's always nice to have a workaround.


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