PythonD: 4Suite or Twisted?

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jun 4 18:32:04 CEST 2003

"Thomas Weholt ( PRIVAT )" wrote:
> Just a warning; when you mention "threaded" and "webserver" in this group in
> the same sentence, you'll probably get several replies telling you that
> threaded webservers scale badly and that you should look at ( you guessed
> it ) Twisted or Medusa.

With the added caveat that some folks claim Medusa is no longer supported.
As the asyncore and asynchat modules are now part of the standard distribution,
I'm uncertain whether that's the case.  (I thought anything like that in the
standard package had to be supported by someone... maybe it's just that 
Medusa is no longer being actively developed.)

> Twisted are slowly getting a proper documentation together and that would
> make it a killer package for web/internet-based projects. It still seem a
> bit bloated and some of the code is labeled unstable, yet the the package
> seem to be marketed as complete and stable. I keep seeing things like "It
> should really be re-written/re-factored " etc. in the twisted-mailing-list.
> But all in all, as I said before, I think Twisted might be the new killer
> app if the development-team keeps the development progress they seem to have
> at the moment.

Keep in mind the idea that Twisted is actually a meta-framework, or, if you
will, a framework core plus many services built on that framework.  The
parts are highly modular, however, so there is no reason to consider 
"instability" (and that means it is changing rapidly, not necessarily
that it is bug-ridden) in one area to be a reflection on the quality of 
other areas.  The core internet components, for example, are quite robust
already, and you will rarely see messages about rewriting/refactoring
those pieces.


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