Python and Jython

Peter Curran pcurran at
Tue Jun 24 18:28:04 CEST 2003

Hello - 

I think either way is fine.  I learned python (aka c-python) first,
then jython.  I work with a product that embeds jython as a mechanism
for writing scripts against a java api, so I use jython every day, but
I write all of my code in pythonwin (from a company called active
state) which is designed for python not jython.

The bummer about this is that I can't debug my jython scripts in
pythonwin live against the java server, but pythonwin makes it
worthwhile with some nice frills such as indentation guides, syntax
colorizing, some intellisense, an interactive window, and a syntax
checker - so when I deploy for interpretation by jython my code is 99%
OK.  The point is that I use a c-python ide for jython and it makes
almost no difference, so I don't think it matters which you learn

As a java programmer you'll probably find that jython is a great RAD
tool - you may even start to write everything in jython first!

Btw, Pythonwin is free - or it used to be, go to

Happy coding.

"Mulugeta Maru" <mmaru at> wrote in message news:<WJOJa.386$Gf3.1688 at>...
> My background is Java. I would like to know the difference between Python
> and Jython. Are they different languages? Should I learn Python first and
> then Jython? The reason I would like to learn the language is to use it with
> Java.
> I just spend one hour on a Python tutorial - the language is just a thing of
> beauty!

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