Replace for Goto

Martin Maney maney at
Mon Jun 2 03:53:29 CEST 2003

Aahz <aahz at> wrote:
>        try:
>            for ORlist in includes:
>                try:
>                    for filter in ORlist:
>                        for field in curr_fields:
>                            for item in record[field]:
>                                if item.lower().find(filter) >= 0:
>                                    raise Found
>                    else:
>                        raise NotFound
>                except Found:
>                    continue
>        except NotFound:
>            continue
>        else:
>            result.append(record)

Speaking as one who has indented deeply when it felt appropriate, and
actually used a triply-indirect pointer (not nested structures, just a
few points where the code reached all the way to ***whatsit... and it
did work and seemed perfectly reasonable at the time it was written)...

That's scary.  Or was it intended as the single example for a long
afternoon demonstrating the effects of refactoring on code readability?


Here's my message to the record industry and its allies:
I'm not a thief.  I'm a customer.  When you treat me like a
thief, I won't be your customer.  -- Dan Gillmor

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