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Sun Jun 8 21:33:04 CEST 2003

On 7 Jun 2003 06:05:22 -0700,
 Michele Simionato <mis6 at> wrote:
> Dave Kuhlman <dkuhlman at> wrote in message news:<bbqjp0$cfiqk$1 at>...
>> I've been at work developing several classes for Python.
>> The first (Python 101) is an introductory course in Python
>> programming.  The second (Python 201, you probably guessed)
>> discusses several slightly advanced topics which have Python
>> solutions.
>> As preparation for these training courses I've written several
>> training documents.  When I started, they were intended as an
>> outline or syllabus for the course.  As time went on, they grew as
>> I filled in more notes and details.
>> Now, I believe, these training documents are usable stand-alone.
>> In part I'm announcing this in the hope that these documents can
>> be used for self-guided learning.
>> You can find these documents at:
>> It's still a "work in progress", but I believe there is plenty
>> there now to make it useful.
>> If you have a need for Python training, please contact me.
>> If you have suggestions for these documents, please let me know.
>>   - Dave
> It seems like you did a lot of work! 
> You should ask Guido to put a link to your documents in the official 
> home-page, that would largely increase their visibility to Python newcomers.
> Cheers,
>                                                      Michele

Yeah! these pages are great. I have been playing with python for a
couple of years, off and on, and there are still things I don't "get"
mostly 'cause I am a hardware sort of guy :) But that site is really

(self, what the heck is it for! thanks to all the folks who have tried
to explain it to me, but I think I am just thick wrt to this. ) 

Jim Richardson

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