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Alan Kennedy alanmk at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 13 15:37:00 CEST 2003


>> This is a family newsgroup after all, isn't it? Don't we get high-school
>> kids and younger around here?


> It was probably a high-school kid asking the question!  :-)  In any case,
> would it make you feel better to know that the vast majority of people
> who would be offended by that are the adults, 

Oh no! You're right, I've turned into a grumpy 'dult! When did that happen? :-)

> not the kids who have
> grown up hearing the phrase in every TV show and movie they've ever
> watched?  ;-)

Hopefully, here in c.l.p, we can help the youngsters to find more eloquent and
elegant ways to say and express what they're thinking :-)&


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