Updating SQL table problems with python

Robin Munn rmunn at pobox.com
Fri Jun 6 21:03:47 CEST 2003

kuntzagk at sulawesi.bioinf.mdc-berlin.de wrote:
>> As you can tell, im parsing a xml RSS feed and updating items table. Im
>> trying to replace
>> default value of 'Title' with the title from the RSS feed.
>> The update statement is givng me the syntax error
>> I cant see whats wrong
> Did you get a python syntax error or a SQL syntax error?
> If the latter, check if your title contains a quote charakter. 
> Got bitten by this myself.

I also notice that your SQL statment contains single-quotes. In many
databases, that's fine, you can use single- or double-quotes around a
string, no problem. If your database system happens to be picky about
which style of quote chars you use, that might be it.

Note that I have no idea what database system you're using, so I may
very well be talking through my hat here. But it's something to try, at

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