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Fri Jun 20 15:08:26 CEST 2003

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"Greg Ewing (using" <g2h5dqi002 at> wrote:
>Raymond Hettinger wrote:
>> Because there is just one right way to do it:
>>     "".join([str1, str2, str3, ...])
>Hmmm... maybe this ought to be the "right"
>way to do summing as well:
>   total = 0.join([17, 42, 88])

   Interesting point arose the other day.. using '+' to
concatenate strings is wrong, because concatenation isn't

   Not that it would necessarily affect my thinking if I
were designing a computer language, but it is a sensible
point.  It might trip up a naive optimizer.

        Regards.        Mel.

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