embedded db in python app?

Alessio Pace puccio_13 at yahoo.it
Sun Jun 22 02:21:45 CEST 2003

drs wrote:

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>> Hi, I wrote a python application which needs to persistently store 2
>> *big* hash maps at the end of its execution and retrieve them when it
>> starts again. Up to now I just used pickle to serialize 2 objects that
>> "encapsulate" those hash maps (and nothing else). I wonder if using an
>> embedded db (but which one??) to store those two hash maps would be
>> faster both in storing and in retrieval.
> if pickle as a concept is working, but it is just too slow, try cPickle
> before changing the strategy too much.  If, however, that is not a good

Fortunately the layers of my app were quite separated so changing how to use
the persistency of that datas required not so long time :-) I tried
BerkeleyDB as suggested by one post above, I am quite happy with it, it
seems to be faster than Pickle in de-serializing but slower in serializing.
Because  my app is more speed tolerant in serialization I am almost
convinced to use a db instead of pickle...

> strategy, then look in to ZODB.  Similar in concept to bsddb (I guess) but
> way cooler for python apps.

...so maybe I will give a try to ZODB as well.

> http://www.amk.ca/zodb/
> -d


Alessio Pace

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