You know you're a Pythonista when..

John J. Lee jjl at
Sun Jun 15 21:39:48 CEST 2003

"Edward K. Ream" <edreamleo at> writes:

> > I don't understand.  Could you elaborate?  For example, could you
> My old way was pretty stupid: I would develop Leo using Leo to edit Leo's
> sources, LeoPy.leo.  Then I would _exit_ the copy of Leo that was editing
> LeoPy.leo.  So if there were any problems that prevented Leo from running I
> would have to correct those problems either using a backup copy of Leo or
> using Idle.  Not only that, but LeoPy.leo is a big file, and it would take
> 15-20 seconds to reload it.

I see.  Been there, sort of.

(spent ages slowly being driven nuts by PyQt, which took 40 seconds or
so to start a tiny script on a slow laptop of a few years ago -- until
I recompiled my kernel, when everything X windows-related sped up by a
factor of five, for reasons I don't understand)

> window open that is running Python in -i mode, and I would have to close the

Hey, I didn't know about -i mode.  I've been using Python three years,
maybe I should read the manpage... :-)


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