code suite as first class object ?

Sean Ross sross at
Sun Jun 29 05:11:08 CEST 2003

The code in the last post looked a bit messed up on my newsreader, so here
it is again:

MyClass = object with:
    """MyClass = object(thunk), where object
        returns a class defined using thunk
    __init__ = method with self, foo:
        """__init__ = method(thunk), where method
            returns a method defined using thunk
        self._foo = foo

    foo = property with:
        "property foo's docstring"
        fget = with self:
            return self._foo
        fset = with self, value:
            self._foo = value

    bar = static, method with:
        "bar = static(method(thunk))"
        1.upto(10) do with i:
            print "upto() yeilds %d which is passed to ", \
                    "the thunk. The thunk is passed to do ", \
                    "(do(thunk)), where it gets executed, ", \
                    "and so you see this!" % i

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