Python as a Language Choice

Tim Rowe tim at
Tue Jun 17 00:07:32 CEST 2003

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003 10:42:29 -0700, "Cousin Stanley"
<CousinStanley at> wrote:

>   o Free ... Open-Source ... Cross-Platform ...

>   o Easy to learn, easy to use, and VERY readable ...

>   o Power/Punch ratio is fairly high ...
>        That is, get a lot of work done
>        in only a few lines of code ...

Power to punch yes, but I don't care how many lines of code.  I'd
sooner quickly write a dozen lines of nice clear Python than spend
hours agonising over one line of indecipherable APL to do the same

>   o Very active and friendly development community
>     centered in comp.lang.python where one can read
>     and learn from daily posts by the authors themselves
>     of popular and current Python books and modules ...


>   o Large and diverse set of Application Programming Interfaces
>     available in many areas ...

Not really a factor for me; I just as often use a plain text editor.

>   o Multiple choice for GUI programming ...
>         [ Tk | GTK | QT | wxPy | others ... ]

I only want one, but it has to be one I like :-)

>   o Core languange is readily extensible through
>     and embeddable in other languages ...

I must look at that some time.

One factor for me that isn't in your list is the extensive
availability of libraries such as numeric and the XML stuff.

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