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> Hi All
> Just downloaded python 2.2.2 zip for WIN & html zip for docs.
> Installed great, just now I have the gui open on the desktop, what
> next? 
> I am reading through the tutorial but can't seem to find 'howto write
> and save a simple file' which makes it kind of hard. Is there are a
> specific reference for the absolute beginner to make/save.edit files?

Python source is just plain text, you could use Notepad if you really 
wanted. The two ways of writing Python are;

- the Python shell (which gives you the prompt '>>>') and lets you type 
and run commands instantly - suited to quick testing of ideas, but not 
for writing and saving programs.

- Any text editor (preferably a Python-aware one with syntax 
highlighting, such as IDLE). 

I think IDLE defaults to showing you the shell, so go to File -> New 
Window to get to a text-editor instead. There you can write, save (file->
save) and run (press F5) programs.

Not a personal site, but another very nice Python tutorial is at;

- sfb.

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