sourceforge problems

Behrang Dadsetan ben at
Fri Jun 20 16:57:03 CEST 2003

About sourceforge and their CVS access..

I have been having serious problems doing my first "python" checkout.
I do not know much about CVS but would it not be possible to make a 
"nightly CVS" build in parallel to the "nightly binary" builds, so that 
first time "downloaders" can download one tar ball and then just update 
with CVS instead of downloading every file for hours on sourceforge? I 
just somehow feel CVS is ill fitted mass downloads of thousands of files...

Or do I have someway to add the CVS information to the tar balled source 
code available with each release?

I am not sure whether I will be couragous enough to try it very often 
anymore (the checkout crashed already three times after hours of 
downloading) while I actually already had two-three python bugs I would 
have liked to look into and maybe solve...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
Ben Dadsetan.

Robin Becker wrote:
> The text at
> seems to indicate that there may be up to a 24 hour delay in :pserver:
> access to cvs repositories. Whilst in no way decrying's
> contribution won't this have a bad effect on python (& many other
> projects) distribution?
> There are thousands of projects hosted at and it seems it has
> become a single point of failure for open source. Is it a good idea. 

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