Newbie: How do you enable python scripts in apache server?

Joe Francia usenet at
Fri Jun 6 00:00:13 CEST 2003

Husam wrote:

>>This seems not so much a python issue then a apache-configuration issue.
> Indeed, I tried to look for apache configuration on google but couldn't find
> any thing usable.
>>ScriptAlias /url_for_scriptdir "/scriptdir"
> I will try this one.

Oddly enough, has some very good information 
about configuring Apache. ;)

Add this line in the relevant section of your httpd.conf (I have it in 
the IfModule mod_mime.c part):

AddHandler cgi-script .py

And if you put the .py files in a directory that's not the CGI 
directory, you'll need to set Options ExecCGI for the dir.  I do it with 
.htaccess files, but you can also do it in the httpd.conf.


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