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Pupppy Wizzard schreef op woensdag  4 juni om 12:01:48 +0000:
> Newsgroups: comp.lang.c++, comp.lang.smalltalk, comp.lang.python,
> 	rec.woodworking, comp.lang.c

What does woodworking have to do with languages?

> Hi. I am an old school programmer looking to modernize my skill set. I
> want to focus on one new language. Should I choose:

> VB
> C#
> C++
> Python
> Smalltalk
> J#
> or Java?

You should definetely choose Python. What other response do you expect
from c.l.python newsgroup?

A good second choice would be Ruby (comp.lang.ruby,
each Rubyist will advice those two in exactly the opposite priority :)

VB is Evil, C++ is extremely complex and JScript is not a complete language.
Java isn't fun and Smalltalk isn't practical. Don't know about C# and J#.
Note that I have all this from second hand, I myself only know Python. 4.5
years ago, I asked a similar question and got Python as an answer.

I am very happy with it. 

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