Need Kobra 2.2

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Tue Jun 3 15:27:55 CEST 2003

lamb100 at (Seunghyun Kim) wrote in message news:<926d3924.0305251704.56539ef4 at>...
> Hi
> Is there anyone who have KOBRA 2.2? I tried to access KOBRA homepage
> but it was blocked. In newgroup I found a posting that the author of
> KOBRA is busy so it will take time to reopen homepage.
> My email address is here:
> lamb100 at
> If you have KOBRA 2.2, please send me it.
> Thanks in advance


I am the author.
Please email me at:
chetan at at

I have version 3.1 out now, which allows for a lot more simplicity:

import dotnet4pylib
from CLR.System.Xml.dll.System.Xml import XmlDocument

x = XmlDocument()



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