manipulating PowerPoint with Python?

Aurélien Géron ageron at
Fri Jun 27 18:36:05 CEST 2003

> Hi.  Has anyone ever written scripts to extract data from PowerPoint using
> Python?  I know I could dredge through the VB examples in MSDN, and
> translate, but if someone's already done this, I'd be grateful for a few
> examples.  (I have slides done in PPT that I want to convert to simple
> HTML --- using "Save as HTML" in PPT creates a lot more goo than I want to
> have to wade through.)
> Thanks,
> Greg

Couldn't you use "Save as HTML" in PPT and then write a simple parser that
would remove the goo?  I really don't know which is better because I haven't
seen your ppt generated HTML files, but it's another direction you may want
to look at.

BTW, you may want to check out:

Or find some other parser:

Hope this helps,

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