Anyone using Python to access PHPbb's MySQL database on a web server?

Robert Oschler no_replies at fake_email_address.invalid
Wed Jun 4 04:01:08 CEST 2003

I want to read/write the MySQL database associated with the data belonging
to the PHPbb forum running on my web site (which I administer, site and
PHPbb forum).  My web site is hosted with a good web hosting company, but
that means that the computer is not onsite.  Also the account I have does
not allow for telnet or ssh session access.  I can run PHP scripts without
problem, but not Python scripts or the mod_python module.

I want to run Python programs locally on my Win2k box to read/write the
PHPbb.MySQL database(s).  I have Python 2.2.x with the venerable WingIDE
debugger running on my Win2k box.  Has anyone done any Python programming
like this?   If so, I'd be very interested in what you had to do to get it
working, especially in the area of any available python libraries/modules to
help with the MySQL access.


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