python bibliography manager. Newbie.

Bob Hartley r.hartley at
Tue Jun 3 10:25:44 CEST 2003

Fernando Perez <fperez528 at> wrote in message news:<bbgba3$bcf$1 at>...
> Harald Massa wrote:
> > Bob,

Hi all
> > 
> >>can I do this with python:-
> >> Take an endnote refer file or other bibliography data (TSV OVID
> >> Medline etc etc etc) and load the data into a table.


> > And:
> > if you google for this application, I think there is a python one out there
> it's called pybliographer, and it comes with a gui (pybliographic).  It knows
> how to talk to lyx, so the two combined make the perfect document writing
> system (note that I did NOT say word processor: lyx is not a word processor,
> it's a far superior system).

I forstly did a google search for software and found this. However, I
thought it was linux only. Will this run on windows2K-pro?


> best,
> f.

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