Year 2000 book still useful?

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> I just realized that the book I recently bought, "The Quick Python Book",
> dated 2000.
> Was wanting to know if there are certain areas where I shouldn't try to
> learn, such as maybe OO concepts, so I don't learn outdated parts of
> ??
> thanks from a wannabe snake tamer

You're lucky, in that there's a very high degree of compatibility between
the new-style (type-based) and the old-style (class-based) implementations
of object-orientation in Python. It's only when you delve into the
implementation (using features like introspection) that you're likely to hit
trouble, so I'd be surprised if you hit any problems learning from an
introductory text.

Of course, there's *more* to learn in later versions, but backward
compatibility is a very striong point in Python's favor.

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