PythonD: 4Suite or Twisted?

deckerben bdeck at
Wed Jun 4 21:21:49 CEST 2003

"Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote in message
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> > > By the way, do you really mean DOS, as in MS-DOS or PC-DOS or
> > > *without* Windows running on top, or do you just mean in a DOS window
> > > of one of Microsoft's operating systems?

> > But Python DOES run under DOS, especially well under DJGPP. Have you
> > our project at htpp:// ??

> Okay, so back to point 2: are you sure these packages are fully supported
> by the DOS Python you have running?  Is this Python 100% compatible with,
> say, the Win32 version?  Does work exactly as it is
> to, and so on?  If so, I guess you're in great shape...

Well, I have so far been successful with simple things like the ping and
telnet client examples that come with PythonD. The telnet client uses
select() to determine if the host is still sending data or not (fork is NOT
available on PythonD).

Like I mentioned before, the 4suite XSLT processing works under DOS, so we
are sure so far of that much... I am asking this group for their analysis of
these two server packages, as maybe it will help me reach a descision which
one we should persue...


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