Newbie: "compiling" scrips (?)

Gerrit Holl gerrit at
Wed Jun 25 16:47:26 CEST 2003

Steve Holden wrote:
> although
> variuos techniques have been used to improve eventual execution efficiency
> in all three languages. Look for "psyco" and "pypy" in Google for the latest
> and most promising approaches int he Python world.

I don't understand how pypy can improve performance. Am I correct that pypy
is an effort to implement Python as much as possible in Python? And am I
correct that implementing a module in C will probably speed it up? Combining
these two, wouldn't implementing Python in Python slow things down? If so,
what is the advantage of pypy?

I don't want to clutter pypy-dev with these questions, because they must
be very trivial and Pypy-people probably have better things to do than
answering trivial questions ;)

> > I must admit, the only interpreted language I know is old Qbasic from
> > the 'good old (Dos) times' ;-)
> >
> Well, you know the principles, then.

When I started with Python, I did not know the difference between a language
an IDE, a compiler and an interpreter; you can search Google and look at my
first posts here to check I'm right :)


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