PyOSG 0.4.0 - Python OpenSceneGraph bindings

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Sun Jun 1 04:20:26 CEST 2003

"gideon may" <gideon at> wrote in message
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> Announcing Python OpenSceneGraph bindings version 0.4.0 alpha
> PyOSG is a wrapper library for the the OpenSceneGraph real-time
> visualisation library and Python. It is available at
> The Open Scene Graph is a cross-platform C++/OpenGL library for the
> real-time visualization. Uses range from visual simulation, scientific
> modeling, virtual reality through to games.
> OpenSceneGraph is available at
> PyOSG uses the Boost.Python library, which enables a very powerful set
> of features like subclassing C++ classes in Python, default arguments,
> function overloading.
> Boost.Python is available at

Sounds really good. We ported the entire osg library to DOS just to see if
it would work with PythonD. Too bad you also added the unneccessary
complication of using the boost library as well. How does this significantly
enhance the package? Both boost and jam will not port to DOS without major



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