MSW crash with <refcnt 0 at ...>

Frank Millman frank at
Sun Jun 15 12:46:26 CEST 2003

Mark Hammond <mhammond at> wrote in message news:<31QGa.5483$GU5.83649 at>...
> Unfortunately, win32all-150 has that bug already applied. 
> Unfortunately, I am a little stuck on what to do, as I don't have a 
> database to test against.  Anyone listenening who has a debug build of 
> win32all and an ODBC database to connect to should be able to provide me 
> with alot more info (or even just a database I can connect to remotely).
> Could you please open a bug in the pywin32 project at sourceforge?
> Mark.

BTW, there is no urgency on my part for a fix. In my live application,
I have so many checks before issuing the SQL command that the chances
of its failing are minimal. I only discovered the bug by simulating an
error to see what would happen. So long as it is on the "to do" list
and gets fixed some time, that is fine with me.

Thanks again for the responses, Mark.


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