Changing python process name (or argv[0])

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Thu Jun 5 16:31:00 CEST 2003

> From: Daniel Fackrell 
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> Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2003 9:15 AM
> Hrm... maybe I'm just naive on this point, but it seems to me 
> that having python programs show up by name is ps, top, etc.
> would be a nice benefit, especially where many different python
> processes might be running simultaneously.  I'd even consider
> that such should be the default.  I for one would much rather
> see,, and python listed by ps (for
> a chat server, intermud daemon, and interactive python shell,
> respectively), than python, python, and python.  Should this 
> really require finding, downloading, and installing a
> non-standard module?

The best possible way to convince Guido of including this
feature is not through rationalization, but via a patch
which implements the desired behaviour.

Implement your patch against the current CVS version of python,
make it "correct" in that it does the "right thing" depending
on the platform being compiled on, even disabling the feature
when it's not available.

Create a builtin function in module "os" or "sys" which
uses this new functionality --if available--, and raises
an exception if not.

Then, write one --or several-- use cases for this new feature;
and then, only then, post a message to python-dev, showing
that you've already done all the homework.  That they (python
core developers) don't have to do the work of researching
and implementing this feature might make all the difference.

Good luck.


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