Why not BOA GUI builder?

Yan Weng yweng at cs.uoregon.edu
Thu Jun 12 11:14:17 CEST 2003

Yes, that's a great IDE. it will take about 40 M memory.
Comparing 60M for Eclipse and 70M for JBuilder. We can also call it a
compact IDE. :)

- Yan

"Bryan" <belred1 at yahoo.com> wrote in message
news:0IQFa.650049$Si4.591429 at rwcrnsc51.ops.asp.att.net...
> i used boa recently and i was very impressed.  IMO, i generates very
> readable code and similar to what i would have done anyways. (for me it
> the python version of jbuilder). i modified "two-way" code in the gui and
> the dialog/property editor without a problem.  for me, i found that
> it out from cvs was better than the pre-zipped versions ready to download.
> i could also switch and code/debug from komodo if i wanted to, so boa
> force me into some funky model or add proprietary markings in the file
> some gui systems do.    the one negative for me was figuring out how to
> customize some options that weren't obvious, but a quick question to the
> mailing list solved that quickly.
> bryan

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