Looking for Info on installing Python and wxPython on a disk.

Matt Gerrans mgerrans at mindspring.com
Tue Jun 17 08:47:02 CEST 2003

"Pat" wrote:
>... He wants to know if there is a way to install python,
> wxpython and another program on a cd and be able to run it from a windows
> machine.

This is entirely possible.   I've done this in two ways with Python + Win32
extensions, but not with wxPython (I don't see any reason why that would be
undoable, though).   One was a bootable CD with Windows PE, which is a form
of Windows XP used in manufacturing environment.   This is probably not what
you are after (and you probably can't get access to Windows PE, anyhow,
unless you are an OEM).    This is handy for booting on systems that may or
may not have partitioned disks, etc.

The second way is to set up a CD with a script (or even an autorun.inf, if
you want to be fancier) that can be used from the installed OS.   This CD
does *not* install Python, but just sets up some environment variables, like
the Path, PythonPath and PythonCaseOk, so that Python can easily run from
it.   The basic idea is to install Python, wxPython and whatever else you
like to disk, then copy those directories in the same form to a CD.    You
could export the python registry entries, but I'm not sure you can import
them on the library machine (that is probably restricted as well) and you
can get by without those.   The PythonCaseOk environement variable (Run
"Python -h" for Python's command-line syntax) can be important when running
from CD because file names can be all upper case; setting this variable will
allow you to import modules without regard to their file name's case.
Another important thing is to copy python22.dll (or whatever version of
Python you are using) from c:\windows\system32 to the Python directory on
the CD and add that to the path when you use the CD.    To be really
thorough, you can use a tool called InControl (I think it can be found on
the shareware download sites) which will monitor an install (directory,
filea and registry changes) and ensure that you have all the necessary
elements on your CD.

> Neither of us are very good programmers, still learning the basics of
> myself and he wants to start.

Hmm... That may make it tougher, particularly if you don't have a lot of
administration/shell type experience.   Maybe you can find someone to help.

> If any one can point me to the site, I would be very grateful.

Or maybe this will pan out and you'll find someone who has packaged up a an
ISO that takes care of all this.

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