Criteria for which Batteries are Included ?

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>"Batteries Included" is a well-published motto of Python.  And it's 
>true, more modules than I would ever need are included in the base 
>distribution.  However, I do miss relational database access. Especially 
>the intefaces with MySQL and PostgeSQL. And it would be nice to have 
>modules which interface with mature, and popular (common) protocols as 
>SOAP and Jabber.  Of course, if everyone's favourite module would be 
>included, then I suppose the Python distribution wold be unmaintainable. 
>  So what are the criteria for the inclusion of a module in Python? User 
>support? Availability on a speciifc number of platforms?

The two primary criteria for including a module as standard are
widespread applicability and likelihood of future support.  The
PythonLabs team has limited time to maintain modules outside their
expertise, so any new module either needs little ongoing maintenance
(such as the new config parser module in 2.3) or a guarantee of
volunteer maintenance time.
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