does lack of type declarations make Python unsafe?

Nick Vargish nav at
Mon Jun 16 21:31:17 CEST 2003

Tim Rowe <tim at> writes:

> "The choice between compile time testing and run-time testing is the
> choice between the programmer finding the bugs and the customer
> finding the bugs".

Yeah... Right.

I worked for a software house that coded almost exclusively in C and
C++, and our customers were at least as good as the developers and QA
department at finding bugs.

Maybe we just had a more "clever" class of customer than you?


#  ||  version 0.2  ||  2003-01-07  ||  Feed this to your Python.
print reduce(lambda x,y:x+chr(ord(y)-1),'Ojdl!Wbshjti!=obwAqbusjpu/ofu?','')

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