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>>>Smalltalk isn't practical. 
>>That's not quite true.  I know plenty of Smalltalk programmers who would
>>disagree, and Squeak is making some inroads.
>But it's almost true.  As fond as I am of Squeak--and, let's
>note, *correct* programs, as Smalltalk facilitates, are eminently
>practical--I think Smalltalk is on the mostly-wrong side of a great
>historical divide.  Python's made to play nicely with others; you can
>extend it, embed it, wrap it, call out from it, connect to OS-level
>resources, and so on.  Smalltalk's a consummate expression of a more
>insular model, where everything *is* Smalltalk.  With a gun to my head,
>I'd be willing to abbreviate that as "impractical".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the whole point of Squeak was to
remedy those issue.
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