Calling a function, arguments in a dict ??

Dan Bishop danb_83 at
Mon Jun 23 06:11:09 CEST 2003

"Thomas Weholt" <2002 at> wrote in message news:<wYpJa.8525$Hb.148440 at>...
> If I got a dictionary with a bunch of key/values I want to use as named
> arguments for a function, how do I do that?
> Say we got a function a, takes three parameters; x,y,z. In my dictionary I
> got {'z': 1, 'x': 2, 'y': 3}. How can I create some code that will call it
> like this :
> a(z =1, x=2, y=3)
>  ???

kwargs = {'z':1, 'x':2, 'y':3}

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