A Python application server?

Irmen de Jong irmen at -NOSPAM-REMOVETHIS-xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 2 20:42:57 CEST 2003

Evan Simpson wrote:
> Duncan Smith wrote:
>> "Java is the only mainstream technology that adds the required level of
>> safety for code travelling around a network, and the flexibility to 
>> invent
>> our own controls, regardless of the operating system being used."
> This is one of Zope's core features.  Scripts, Documents, Methods, and 
> Templates (the various sorts of programmable object in Zope) are all 
> constrained by Zope's security policies.  You can give a totally 
> untrusted user the ability to use Python code, and the worst they can do 
> to your server is deny service.

What I know of Zope is that it still runs the Python-code or Python-enhanced
pages on the server. There's nothing like "code travelleing around the 
network". (not that I would advise to do that, like java applets, but I was 
just wondering about this response about Zope...)


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