py2exe COM server frustration

Shi Sherebrin shi at
Wed Jun 11 00:03:33 CEST 2003


I have spent today trying a number of different samples that I found,
including the two listed on the py2exe
homepage(,  With the first
I've gotten the closest to success (for the second I couldn't find any
of the Agent* routines).  When I try running at the
command line I am able to find the COM object using the Visual Studio
OLE/COM browser, and to 'open' the item in the list to see the various
sub-elements.  When I tried using py2exe to package the module,
everything seemed to work (besides some warnings about modules not
found such as win32dbg and I had to add the line "sys.frozen = 1", to
avoid an error).  Registering worked ok, but when I tried to open the
item in the OLE/COM browser, a console window appeared, doing nothing,
and the system would just wait and wait, eventually timing out with
some kind of CoCreation error.

I'm using build 151 (Python v2.1) of win32all, and v0.3.3 of py2exe. 
I used 'vanilla' setup config files for py2exe.  I'd really appreciate
any light anyone could shed on this matter.  All I want to do is make
a COM object that can be called on a system that doesn't have Python
installed.  Explanations re: whether I need to use an inproc vs. a
local server and what the difference is would also be welcome.


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