Iteration through a text file.

marcus mvs2 at
Wed Jun 4 20:01:05 CEST 2003

Forgive "newness"

I'm pretty sure I'm missing something very basic, but don't know where
to look.

I have a text file that a Sys Admin is using a program to generate
(don't know the program).  It contains a list of Servers, along with
their "System Availablity" percentages. Some Servers the program
cannot reach, and therefore it has errors in the text file instead of

I am trying to loop through the text file, looking for the word
"Server."  If I find that word, I then print out the server name (will
write out later to another file, but for now printing shows me where
I'm at).

Then, I want to look for the phrase "System Availablilty."  If I find
that phrase, then I'll print out the percentage.

If I hit the next occurrence of the word "Server," , and have not had
an occurrence of "System Availability," then I'll know System
Availability was not found.

The trick for me is how do I start searching again for System
Availability after printing out the next server's name?

Here's the code:

import os
filename = r'C:\TextTest\combo.txt'

file = open (filename, 'r')
it = iter(file)

for line in it:
    if line.find("Server") >= 0:  
        stripped = line.strip()
        sname = stripped.split(',')
        print sname[1:] #this is the server name.
        for line in it: #look for availability or next server name
                        #whichever comes first
            if line.find("System Availability") >= 0: #found it
                stripped2 = line.strip()
                avail = stripped2.split(':')
                print avail[1:] #availability percentage
            elif line.find("Server") >= 0: #have found next server, so
                                           #no availability


I know the code is flawed, and it appears that line just keeps
incrementing from where it left off (which I thought was good), and I
think that makes sense to me.

What I want to know is how do I point line back to the area it started
the inner loop with?

After Seeing the first "Server" and finding no availability, how do I
go to the next "Server?"

I hope this kind of makes sense.

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