newbie: good reasons for learning Python?

Erik Max Francis max at
Sat Jun 21 02:13:14 CEST 2003

somaBoyMX wrote:

> I've been checking out some Python tutorials on the web, it looks cool
> enough. I'm already fairly good at JavaScript, ActionScript and PHP
> and now
> I'd like to tackle Python. However, I still need to be convinced
> before I
> decide to dedicate my precious free time to this. So I'd like to hear
> some
> convincing arguments for Python.

I'd say the thought process here should be reversed.  You say that you'd
"like to tackle Python," so the real question is why do you want to and
what do you hope to gain from using Python?  If we knew why you were
thinking about using Python, it would be more helpful to tell you
whether Python would be good (or bad) for that goal.

There's a Python tutorial available on the Web site; this is
about the best introduction to Python you could have, and you can go
through it in only a few hours at the most.  (Much faster, if you
arleady know other languages.)  Try reading through it and see if you
like it; that will be a far more convincing argument than anything we
could make.

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