A Python application server?

Evan Simpson evan at 4-am.com
Mon Jun 2 20:59:51 CEST 2003

Irmen de Jong wrote:
> What I know of Zope is that it still runs the Python-code or 
> Python-enhanced
> pages on the server. There's nothing like "code travelleing around the 
> network".

True enough, except in the sense that code-bearing Zope objects are 
often created and edited over HTTP from a web browser or WebDAV client.

Since it's substantially easier to hack an HTTP session than to get 
write access to the server's files, Zope makes a sharp distinction 
between filesystem ("trusted") and through-the-web ("untrusted") code.

If Duncan's system actually requires sandboxed code to run in some kind 
of non-web client, then Zope is probably not the answer.


Evan @ 4-am

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