Tk vs wxPython ?

Cliff Wells LogiplexSoftware at
Thu Jun 5 18:32:02 CEST 2003

On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 09:20, Paul McNett wrote:
> Cliff Wells writes:
> > wxPython would be preferred over pygtk because it has been ported to
> > more platforms.  
> wxPython is still in active development, no? MacOSX is definitely not ready 
> yet, at least.

If it weren't in active development it would be dead <wink>.  Last time
I checked the Mac ports were coming along well.

> > pyqt would be problematic for people not developing
> > open source projects.
> FWIW, the cost issue can be mitigated by buying the BlackAdder IDE 
> (, which comes with (somewhat limited) commercial 
> Qt licenses for Windows and Unix (not Mac, but PyQt doesn't support Mac yet 
> anyway, and the license would still cover a Mac/X11 (ie Unix) 
> distribution). It also comes with a PyQt license. Cost for BlackAdder is 
> under $400, compared to purchasing the Qt Licenses for $1200 - $2000 per 
> platform. There may be options other than BlackAdder, and it should be 
> noted that the BlackAdder Qt license only applies to distributing Python 
> code - you wouldn't be able to do C++ this way.
> I tried Tkinter and then PyQt. I fully intended to try wxPython, but fell in 
> love with PyQt, which is mature and stable other than the lack of 
> deployment to native MacOSX. Tkinter does have the benefit of being easily 
> portable, but it is kind of sluggish, doesn't look that great, and all that 
> lambda stuff is difficult for me to grasp. PyQt documentation, as 
> distributed by the BlackAdder folks, is also very good.

There is little doubt in my mind that Qt is a great toolkit.  There is
less doubt in my mind that bundling a toolkit with Python that requires
users to pay a licensing fee will never happen.  Whether that fee is
$1000 or $10 is irrelevant.

At this point the two obvious candidates are wxPython and pygtk, but
until gtk is more widely ported wxPython is the clear winner.  The Mac
port may not be finished, but at least it's actively worked on.


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