Tk vs wxPython ?

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Wed Jun 4 20:21:12 CEST 2003

Originally posted by AuréLien GéRon 
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> ** Why isn't Python shipped with wxPython instead of Tk ? **
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> Of course, I started with Tk because it was shipped with Python,
> but I was
> really disappointed:
> - you have to learn yet another language to fully understand Tk
> - the documentation is half Tk and half python which makes it
>   confusing
> - the look&feel is ok, but not great
> - it's a bit slow too
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> :-)
> Aurélien 

I also prefer wxPython. Not for technical reasons as I haven't used
Tk beyond "hello world" and the facilities provided by EasyGUI (which
shields you from Tk itself actually), but because I don't like the
way it looks.
With Idle being written in Tk, I don't think a removal of Tk from
the distro would be a solution (even though I don't use Idle myself)
and providing both would be a waste, especially with wxPython being
very much a moving target. Regarding the docs: I don't think the
wxPython docs are particularly great as they're too C (I can manage,
but I'd rather not have to read a type declaration before a variable
name because it feels very unnatural to me, but the search
facilities are nice).

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