PEP318: property as decoration

Gerrit Holl gerrit at
Wed Jun 11 20:40:25 CEST 2003

Sean Ross wrote:
>         def foo():
>                 def fget(self):
>                         return self._foo
>                 def fset(self, value):
>                         self._foo = value
>                 def fdel(self):
>                         del self._foo
>                 fdoc = "foo"
>                 return fget, fset, fdel, fdoc

Make that: "return fget, fset, fdel, __doc__".

>         foo = property(*foo())
>         def bar():
>                 "a readonly property"
>                 def fget(self):
>                         return self._bar
>                 return fget,     # the trailing comma is required here

And that: "return fget, None, None, bar.__doc__"

>         bar = property(*bar())

> Anyway...I found this interesting, so I thought someone else might enjoy it
> as well.

Yes, sure. If the class-solution wouldn't be such an abuse, I would use
that but it goes against the grain with me. Maybe I will start using
this way...


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