ezPyCrypto encryption using only public key problem.

Adrian astonge at telus.net
Sun Jun 15 19:24:57 CEST 2003


I've noticed that when encrypting a message using only just a public
I get an exception:

_fastmath.error: Private key not available in this object

So I did a little digging around in ezPyCrypto.py and saw that when
encrypting a message it does some sort of decryption verification.
As far as I know, you can't decrypt without a public/private key pair.

So, this kinda makes encrypting a message for someone else using their
public key kind of not working, but I could not just understand and
could be wrong.

I've also tried use RSA encrypting with just plain PyCrypto and it
works fine.

As a side note, I tried using the ezPyCrypto examples that show
encrypting a message with only the public key imported (example3.py),
and they fail to.

-- Adrian St. Onge

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