Python 2.3 - Is the release still on schedule?

Tim Peters at
Sun Jun 22 23:55:55 CEST 2003

[John Ochiltree]
> Can anyone comment on the current state of play of the 2.3 release
> schedule? Has it slipped?

The 2.3 release schedule is here:

It's obviously slipped close to a month already.  I expect it will slip
more, since Guido will be on the road most of the next several weeks.
Indeed, he hasn't had enough time to update the release PEP!  Most of the
time we could make for releases lately got consumed by the unplanned 2.2.3
bugfix release in late May (which bashed into the planned 2.3b2 release
time, and won <wink>).

I'm not aware of any technical issues holding up the 2.3 plans -- just lack
of time to devote to it.  Of the "Planned features for 2.3" section in the
PEP, Guido completed the "integrate IDLEfork" one, and the goal of the
"import lock redesign" one is unclear.

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