A Python application server?

Brian Olsen brian0891 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 3 03:33:22 CEST 2003

"Duncan Smith" <buzzard at urubu.freeserve.co.uk> wrote in message news:<bbfmfo$ulf$1 at newsg2.svr.pol.co.uk>...
> Hello,
>          I'm trying to put together a (basic) design for an online
> examination system.  The system already exists, but is based on Java
> technologies.  I have (probably prematurely) assured the author that the
> system could have been developed in Python.  This is based in faith rather
> than reason, as I have never had cause to consider such a thing before
> (although I can now envisage that I might need to develop a simple
> application server within the next year or so).
> Having looked at PYRO, Twisted and WebWare I'm pretty confident that most of
> the technology is in place.  But I have been told that to emulate the
> existing system there would have to be a Python equivalent of an 'untrusted
> Java applet'.  (I'm not convinced this is actually necessary for the given
> app., but the existing system does use RMI and Java applets.)

You should take a look at SkunkWeb as well ...

Since I cannot say what your exact requirements are, all I can say is
what I have found when using this application server. (Also, read the
site, I am not going to reiterate those points. :-) What appealed to
me about SkunkWeb is how simple it is to use and setup. You really do
not need to know a lot about it to get started ... just a couple of
API elements and a bit of Python. The rest you can pick up in time.
Because of this, at least for me, SkunkWeb gets out of the way and
lets me focus on my application. On the performance front, I hear it
this is excellent as well. :-)

I am personally very confident in this application server given the
points I have addressed. But, you know your project, and because of
this, I can only go so far.

I hear there is significant interest in improving the documentation
for SkunkWeb. The documentation is sort of okay now, but I am
expecting the next documentation will be much better.

Brian Olsen

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