Go buy _Text Processing in Python_

David Mertz, Ph.D. mertz at gnosis.cx
Wed Jun 11 19:27:13 CEST 2003

pythonguy at Hotpop.com (Anand Pillai) wrote previously:
|     Is an online version available for this book ? I remember that
|you had put up sample chapters of the book sometime back on your

Yep... the entire text remains at:


This should show up prominently (probably first hit) in a search for the
title, my name, or something along those lines.  I'll probably update
the site fairly soon to include things like errata, code samples, or
additional commentary--not sure when.  But I'll certainly continue to
keep the full text up there (there may be a few proofread corrections
that aren't in the online version, but it is at least very close to

Of course, as that URL describes, for free you get the "smart ASCII"
version of the book, as I wrote it.  It doesn't include the pretty
layout and fonts (and page-numbered x-refs, index) that the printed
version has.  But then, if you just take the wisdom of the book to
heart, you can easily write the very same automated conversion of the
ASCII to PDF (via LaTeX; but you could use reportlab or something if you
wanted) that I used to compose the final form.  It *is* a book about
text processing, after all.

Yours, David...

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